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Digital evidence acquisition

  • Disk forensics : Laptops, Desktops, Servers, SAN/NAS storage, USB hard drives / pen drives, SATA/SCSI/SSD storage

  • Mobile forensics: Iphone, Android phones, other smart phones, legacy phones

  • Cloud forensics: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud * other VPS service providers

  • Web forensics : Websites & social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn) backups

  • Generation of custom 65B certificates & data backup reports

Data recovery

  • Deleted file recovery from Windows, Macintosh & Linux based file systems

  • Deleted records recovery from RDBMS systems like Oracle, MSSql Server, MySql, Postgres

  • Deleted data recovery from smart mobile phones (android, iPhone)

  • Data recovery from damaged storage media

Forensic accounting

  • ERP data analytics from data dumps of Tally ERP, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other similar softwares

  • Finding anomalies using techniques like Benford

  • Bank statement reconciliation

  • Unaccounted revenue detection by comparing different accounting data dumps for same entity/period

  • Forensic timeline construction from timestamp based data records gathered from variety of data sources like emails, chats, accounting & bank transactions

  • Money trail tracing using all of the above techniques

Data analytics

  • Web scraping (corporate websites / social media like twitter, instagram, facebook )

  • Conversation analytics (email / whatsapp/ facebook messenger)

  • Text analytics (document clustering, feature extraction)

  • Document metadata extraction (date edited, author etc.)

  • Custom data dashboards & faceted search interfaces for data drill downs

  • Media analytics and pattern detection for Image / Audio /Video data