Organizations of all sizes throughout the world are undergoing digital transformation. Cheap networked computing resources is main driving factor behind this change. This change has also vastly expanded the variety in storage hardware & software systems and information security implications. Consequently our workflows as data miners are becoming increasingly complex by the day. We now perform a variety of services for our clients as follows:
Forensic data collection:
 * Cloud forensics
 * Forensic imaging of computer storage
 * Mobile forensic data collection and analysis
 * Automated backups of specific documents
 * Social media
 * Web data
Information retrieval:
 * OCR of scanned data
 * Metadata extraction
 * Manual document coding
 * Pattern recognition & features extraction
Forensic accounting:
 * ERP & accounting systems data analytics
 * Layered transactions detection
 * Employee fraud detection
 * Database systems analytics
 * Pattern extraction from unstructured data
 * Automated document clustering
 * Forensic timeline analysis based on user artifacts
Data presentation & reporting:
 * Custom web applications for data presentation
 * Custom mobile applications for data presentation
 * Drill down reporting based on inter-relatedness of the table structures
 * Faceted search interfaces
Deleted data recovery:
 * Deleted file recovery from Microsoft Windows, Android & iPhone devices, Macbook, Linux
 * Deleted records recovery from relational database systems
 * Data recovery from corrupt storage media

  We provide customized training modules which can cover multiple aspects of our forensics and data mining work as and when needed.