Forensic data acquisition

We perform forensic imaging with hash value reports for data stored on servers, laptops, hard drives, USB media, SAN/NAS, cloud platforms etc. We recover data from Android and Apple iPhone/iPad devices. We can extract SMS, Whatapp and other equivalent chat data, perform deleted recovery on user partition data and help construct user activity timeline.

User activity timeline construction

We extract system artefacts from several data sources such as user logins, document edit timestamps, USB devices history, internet activity history, mobile activity history, payment or banking activity history to construct user activity timeline to assist investigators visualise key events during incidence response.

Document digitization

Along with digital data, we also take care of scanning of paper documents such that all data can be investigated through a single case management system. We partner with external agencies for large volume projects to deliver cost effective services to our clients. We also have large scale OCR capabilities to make documents searchable.

Electronic Discovery

We have experience dealing with identification, collection, processing, analysis, production and presentation stages of the standard EDRM model. We use a mix of proprietary, custom and open source software to deliver our services.

Data recovery

We recover data from deleted files, password protected office files, hidden & lost data partitions from all major types of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Apple Mac).

Document format conversion

We convert non-searchable data sources to structured analyzable data formats. Examples of such projects include: images to tagged content, scanned PDFs to OCR documents, PDF tables to excel, Mbox to PST, chat log to emails.

Financial data analytics

We assist in extraction and analysis of databases from various corporate information systems like ERP, CRM, payment logs, user activity server logs, emails, instant messaging systems etc. We deal in all kinds of database systems such as RDBMS (Oracle, MS Sql Server, IBM DB2, MySql) and non-RDBMS (hadoop, MongoDB, Radis, Cassandra, cloud DBs from AWS, Google Cloud).

Web data acquisition & analytics

We have developed proprietary, scalable web scraping software for mining through complex JavaScript heavy websites and popular social media sources like linkedin, twitter, facebook, instagram etc.

Targeted document searches

We help our clients index unstructured and structured information for running targeted, multi-layered, complex, fuzzy, explorative searches by leveraging combination of proprietary and open source tools.

Customised CAATs software

Various accounting processes involving procurement, goods receipt, invoicing, vendor management, banking, inventory management etc. can present several opportunities to fraudsters for breaching internal controls. We help develop customised CAATS software for auto-detection of fraud transactions.

Software code audits

We analyse software code to detect deviation from intent, original specifications, presence of any backdoors and features which may allow certain class of users help circumvent compliance norms. Our projects have included ERP systems, SAP modules, CRM and payment softwares.

Skills augmentation

We deliver customised group trainings in data analytics, business intelligence tools, sql language, information security best practices, computer forensic tools, scripting skills etc. as needed.