Forensic imaging

We perform forensic imaging with hash value reports for data stored on servers, laptops, hard drives, USB media, SAN/NAS, cloud platforms etc.

Mobile forensics

We recover data from Android and Apple iPhone/iPad devices. We can extract SMS, Whatapp and other equivalent chat data, perform deleted recovery on user partition data and help construct user activity timeline.

Decryption and password recovery

We do detection of encrypted data containers and use password breaking for Microsoft Office documents. We break into login protected operating systems as per needed.

Electronics discovery

We have experience dealing with identification, collection, processing, analysis, production and presentation stages of the standard EDRM model. We use a mix of proprietary, custom and open source software to deliver our services.

Recovery of hidden / deleted / user activity data

We recover deleted files, hidden data and system data from existing and lost partitions on all major types of file systems. We do time-line analysis by piecing together Windows artifacts stored in system files.

Document format conversion

We convert non-analyzable data sources to structured analyzable data formats. Examples of such projects include: images to search-able content, OCR process, PDF to excel, Excel to RDBMS, Mbox to PST, chat log to emails.

Forensic accounting and CAATs software

We assist investigators by extracting and analyzing data from ERP systems like Tally ERP, SAP ERP, Oracle etc. We develop customized audit software as per nature of the data and auditor requirements.

Web scraping on websites and social media

We have developed proprietary, scalable web scraping software for mining through complex JavaScript websites as well as social media content.

Targeted document searches

We help our clients index unstructured and structured information for running targeted, multi-layered, complex, fuzzy, explorative searches by leveraging combination of proprietary and open source tools.

Our clients

Government agencies:

We primarily work with agencies involved in tax enforcement, regulatory actions, forensic audits and information security. We also do large scale data analytics projects on case-per-case basis. We do provide expert testimony as and when litigation demands. We have several awareness building hands on learning modules for specific operational tasks.

Most of our corporate work involves compliance, data recovery, forensic audits and custom software development. We develop customized internal training modules specifically for employees for following information security best practices, ramp up their data analytics and reporting skills and work towards standardization of processes across business units.