Electronic evidence acquisition

We regularly help our clients preserve electronic data with hash value reports for their future needs. We do data collections from a variety of systems including servers, laptops, hard drives, USB media, SAN/NAS, cloud platforms etc. We deal with virtually all kinds of operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux/Unix and file systems like NTFS, EXT*, XFS, APFS, FAT and other legacy systems. We have experience handing both magnetic HDDs as well as SSD storage hardware.

Smartphone data analysis

We have capabilities to recover data from various prominent mobile phone systems like Android smartphones, Apple iPhone/iPad devices, blackberry, windows phones, legacy keypad based phones etc. User content like SMS, phone call logs, Whatapp chats, other chat applications, images, videos, emails can be extracted on case per case basis.

Data recovery

Our fundamental understanding of file system internals help us be effective in recovering deleted data from all kinds of file systems. We regularly deal with lost/deleted partitions and electronic storage devices including computer hard drives, mobile phones, flash memory storage devices and specialised embedded systems hardware.

User activity investigation

We extract system artefacts from several data sources such as user logins, document edit timestamps, USB devices history, internet activity history, mobile activity history, payment or banking activity history to construct user activity timeline to assist investigators visualise key events during incidence response.

Network forensics

With the amount of internet and intranet traffic happening in corporate environment, it's easy to lose track of what is inside your network. We help our clients setup proactive network scans to make sure no unsavory traffic is present in their network which may lead to malware infestation, data breach, hijack, legal troubles or other such severe repercussions.

Fraud analytics

Most corporate data is digital today. Which maximises opportunity as well as detection of financial fraud by manipulating digital data. We assist in analysing databases from various corporate information systems like ERP (SAP, Tally), CRM, payment logs, user activity server logs, web based systems, instant messaging systems etc. We custom develop CAATs software for specific cases.

Data security

Worried about getting your data in wrong hands? We help our clients secure their data by meticulously going through all data exposure risks like recoverable deleted data, data containing sensitive information, private pictures and videos, private chats/emails etc. We also selectively help them create encrypted data stores and/or cloud storage systems to help them hide sensitive data from any misuse.

Software code audits

We have helped uncover significant financial fraud by directly analysing source code of certain accounting systems in the past. We have identified specific cases of facilities which allow creation of transactions without audit trails, software agents which can do direct database manipulation and features which may allow certain class of users help circumvent compliance norms. Our projects have included ERP systems, SAP modules, CRM and POS systems.

Emails and chat analytics

Analysing person-to-person emails, chats or various types of group conversations like public/private forums can provide wealth of behavioral data as well as specific cues. We have capability in acquisition and analysis of emails, whatsapp, SMS, twitter, facebook, instagram, other similar chat software as well as web scraping of online data.